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This 7 A-Side course provides you a complete training program for your youth players. Following the TOVO Methodology, you will be assured to develop intelligent and skillful players. This course is a 30 day course and will end on the 30th day from purchase.


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Dynamic Training

This 7 A-Side course provides you a complete training program for your youth players. Following the TOVO Methodology, you will be assured to develop intelligent and skillful players.

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Our 7-A-Side Course is a 30-day program. You will work at your own pace, on your own schedule with access at your convenience.

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Enroll today. We look forward to providing you a dynamic, innovative and practical program.

TOVO 7 A-Side Cost: $295

Meet Your Instructor

Todd Beane is Founder of TOVO Training and TOVO Academy Barcelona. In TOVO Training, Beane has combined proven pedagogical practices of experts in the field of education with the visionary components of a total football legend into a dynamic and practical training methodology.

Beane worked with Johan Cruyff for 14 years to create the Cruyff Institute for Sport Studies and to deliver total football training programs to professional clubs worldwide.

Beane graduated from Dartmouth College in 1986 with a B.A. in English Literature. Upon graduation, he was awarded a Rotary Scholarship to attend the University of Sussex in England. Todd concluded his formal studies at Stanford University where he earned an M.A. in Education and a Secondary Teaching Credential.

As an athlete, Todd played NCAA Division I soccer at Dartmouth College before playing professional soccer in the USISL. During his tenure in the United States, he was awarded a US Soccer Federation “A” License, coaching both collegiately and professionally. He has served on the faculty of Johns Hopkins University as Director of the Native Vision Program and later as Director of the Cloud Forest School in Costa Rica.

Todd Beane currently resides in Sitges, Spain with his wife Chantal Cruyff and their six children.

“The TOVO Courses have been the most outstanding coach education experiences I have had in 20 plus years.”

Rob Dinne (Phoenix Rising FC Youth Academy)



We will explain why this training program works well for youth players and how you will proceed. The TOVO Methodology is well-defined and highly regarded.


Why am I coaching?
The answer to this question sets the stage for your success with youth players. We will clarify the “why” behind talent development and dispel a few myths.


What do I need to know?
If we are going to add value to a player’s life, we better understand how children learn and what pedagogical strategies are most effective to promote learning and joy.


What do I need to be?
Great youth coaches have common characteristics. You will come to understand the most essential qualities to become a positive mentor for the children. We will present a player and coach rubric.


What do I need to do?
We provide a detailed schema to manage the dual tasks of individual development and team organization. Players will dramatically improve and the team will achieve more as a result.


How do I do it?
Examine the craft of coaching. Ultimately your positive intervention must be well-prepared and coherently articulated. We will walk you through our training protocol.


How do I assess it?
Evaluating success is no easy task. We will present a simple and effective process to ensure all stakeholders are inspired by your coaching.


Following a successful formula requires understanding the power of process and protocol. If you choose to coach, let us help you coach well.


Training Sessions
Plug and play. Understanding why, what and how to coach will be clear. In this resource section we will provide all the sessions you will need to implement a coherent training curriculum. We are well beyond theory. This is a practical training program you can use right away.

TOVO 7 A-Side Online Course