Club & College Consulting

Club & College Consulting

A Customized Program
Implement a dynamic and effective program at your club or college. Bring a bit of TOVO home as we support you along the way.

  • Baseline Analysis
  • Clear Objectives
  • Coach Education
  • Training Plans
  • Program Metrics
  • Online Support

Core Philosophy

A Clear Identity
Set yourself apart by embracing a dynamic way to play, an innovative way to train and a sensational way to bring out the best in players, parents and coaches. Stand for something that differentiates your organization for all the right reasons. Rally behind a core philosophy of talent development.

Promoting Learning & Joy

Holistic Development 
Learning is the key to all human development. We understand the power of learning and joy and promote both with vigour. Our programs are founded upon sound pedagogical principles and based upon profound research into human development.

Action Learning Model

A Proactive Process
Learning is achieved through ambition, dedication, and resilience. With this in mind, our learning model presents dynamic challenges to be explored with commitment. Our players learn proactively and reflect respectfully. We understand that learning is a process riddled with error and peppered with perseverance. We are educators first and our task is to nurture people of great cognition, competence and character.

  • Student Centered
  • Task Oriented
  • Pedagogically Sound
  • Proactive & Participatory
  • Individualized Development
  • Collective Collaboration

Experienced Coaches

A Specialized Staff
Experienced educators and professional coaches develop our programs. We blend the latest research with a practical approach to program implementation. Our staff has led top-level projects at some of the world’s most respected academic institutions and best football academies within Europe and beyond.

Innovative Training Protocol

Our 2Par Process
To promote excellence in performance, we have developed a training protocol that effectively embeds the learning achieved. This process provides consistency and continuity as our student-athletes take acquire skills and apply that skill to real challenges. We use the TOVO 2PAR process:

  • Priming
  • Pre-flection
  • Activation
  • Activity
  • Reflection
  • Recovery

Potential Unleashed

We have redesigned talent development for the benefit of players worldwide. The results are sensational. Our players excel at clubs, in college and beyond.

Let’s Connect

We look forward to sharing more program details with you.