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In this course, we will provide you a roadmap to becoming a more intelligent footballer. Let’s get started on your journey to extraordinary.


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An Intelligent Program

This Footballer Online Course 1 details the fundamentals of playing intelligent football. . It is a content specific short course for those interested in moving beyond status quo.  We will walk you through a proven process to understand how to be read the game more effectively and to develop the skills and character to be more productive on the field.

On Your Schedule

Our Footballer Online Course 1 is an open enrollment program. You will work at your own pace, on your own schedule with access at your convenience. Connect from anywhere at any time as you dig dip into purposeful content. You will have access to the material for 30 days. Rush through it or take your time – the choice is yours.

Start Today

Enroll today. You gain immediate access to the online material and can begin your journey to extraordinary. We look forward to providing you a dynamic, innovative and practical program that will forever change the way that you play the game. Click and learn.

Total Program Cost: $295

Meet Your Instructor

“Todd has clear ideas and presents them in a way that people enjoy and understand.” – Johan Cruyff

Beane is a coach of coaches. He is recognized worldwide as a thought leader on talent activation. Whether speaking to audiences, teaching in the classroom, or training on the field, Beane is an educator devoted to maximizing human potential.

Beane collaborated with Johan Cruyff for 14 years delivering professional development programs to top flight clubs: FC Barcelona, Ajax Amsterdam, Los Angeles FC, Mamelodi Sundowns FC, and Chivas Guadalajara

A graduate of Dartmouth College and Stanford University. Todd Beane remains committed to delivering dynamic, practical and proven programs to athletes and coaches at all levels of sport.

What They Say About Us...

“What can I say about the TOVO staff other than superb. Not only unbelievably knowledgeable, but also great people and very approachable.” – Andrew G.

“TOVO has been like a lighthouse, always reminding me of the person I want to become and the direction I want to lead my life.” – John R.

“Thank you, Todd. My experience of working and learning from you was amazing. I learned so much and I’m grateful for everything.” – Rulani M.

“Thank you so much.” – Leah S.

“I found the material insightful and beneficial for all age groups.” – Frank C.

“An overall amazing experience that delivers an inspirational and thought provoking course!” – Matt E.


No. 1

You have signed up for a practical program. We have designed this short course for players looking to improve and be more effective on the field.

No. 2

Defining the Fundamentals
We will detail the traditional definition of the fundamentals and redefine the qualities required to become an intelligent, competent and capable player. Your expanded view will help understand the game better.

No. 3

One Process
There is one universal process that all players must employ to play the game effectively. However, few players even know of it. We introduce you to a fundamental process and a practical way to implement it.

No. 4

Five Elements
We will introduce you five fundamental concepts according to Johan Cruyff. By exploring a legend´s wisdom, we will look at attacking and defending in a new light. More specifically, we will present how best to implement these ideas in training exercises and matches.

No. 5

You now have an expanded and detailed view of the fundamentals and will put these ideas into action. We take a look at the bigger picture and present the next steps.

No. 6

We leave you critical slides presented in the course. These models and resources you can review. If you choose, you can also download these resources to print for personal use.

TOVO Footballer Course