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This is a program designed for passionate student-athletes with an adventurous spirit. If you have ever dreamed of living and training in Spain this program is for you.


TOVO Connections

Let us introduce you to our players, alumni and family who have enjoyed a life changing experience. 

This was the best three months of my life.
— Maronne S. (USA)

YOur Catalan HOME

Our TOVO Villa

The TOVO Villa is a “masia style” home where players live, eat, and train together. We will care for you, guide you, and support you every step of the way. You will immerse yourself in the local village and experience football the way the Catalans do. You will love your home away from home.




Your total development as a student-athlete is our highest priority. 

Academic Development
All student-athletes will commit to advancing their academic studies. We will provide the academic tutoring required to support you as you follow your courses. Some students choose to enroll in an on line high school or take on line university courses. Some choose to bring customized and assigned work from their school at home. All students will complete their respective grade level programming under full supervision of our academic tutor. 

Language Studies
With commitment you will work toward fluency in Spanish and enjoy your daily language classes. The emphasis throughout is spoken language and familiarity with the local culture. Classroom techniques are rapid-paced, theatrical, highly creative, imaginative and full of positive reinforcement.

Cultural Immersion
Living, studying and training in a new environment is one of the great strengths of the TOVO experience. Being exposed to new sensations, languages and cultural norms will require you to reflect, manage your responses, and learn to react in ways that help your adaptation and personal growth process. Working on intercultural competence can also equip you with valuable flexibility, emotional intelligence, and team-building strategies for your future career in football and, later, in the real world. The TOVO Intercultural Orientation is delivered during the first week of training in so that we can equip you with the personal resources you need to maximize and enjoy your year in Spain.



Intelligent Football Training

TOVO is based on Total Football, played and taught by Johan Cruyff throughout his brilliant career. Players will learn to utilize both divergent and convergent thinking to create and execute solutions. This can only take place when the brain recognizes patterns and possibilities at game-pace. TOVO Training method promotes a logical progression of exercises that directly construct the conditions under which you will need to perform. This learner-based program uses pattern recognition and geometric forms to simplify the complexity of the game and teach you the secrets to greater vision, precision and pace.  

The results and the experience are remarkable. There is no better location to learn Total Futbol.
— Fiona H. (USA)

TOVO Leaders

experienced professionals

Our leaders and coaches share two things in common: rich international experience and unbending commitment to educating and developing young people to their fullest potential. All TOVO team coaches have vast experience working for professional academies in Spain, the Netherlands, and worldwide:

FC Barcelona
Ajax Amsterdam
Ado Den Haag
Chivas Guadalajara
Mamelodis Sundowns

Cruyff Institute
Austrian Football Federation
US Soccer Federation
KNVB Dutch Federation
Los Angeles FC

Discover more about our leadership and coaches on our about page.


Sitges, Spain

A Barcelona Community

The coastal town of Sitges is a prime location for TOVO Academy, not only because of its idyllic setting by the Mediterranean but also because of its proximity to Barcelona. This is Mediterranean fishing village historically that has now opened up its charm to international families. It remains a quaint family town and we will take full part in all this seaside village has to offer. 


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Fall Term Program 2018 (SOLD OUT!)
Arrival Date: September 18, 2018
Departure Date: December 12, 2018

Winter Term Program 2019
Arrival Date: January 3, 2019
Departure Date: March 29, 2019

To apply for this program, fill out the application form below. To keep your place on the program, a non-refundable Registration Deposit Fee of €5000 will be required. The Registration Deposit counts toward the program fee.

All programs include:

Football Training
On-field Training
Talent Development Workshops
Personal Diagnostics
Skills Screen
Video Analysis
European Coaching Staff
Official TOVO Program Certificate

Academic Program
Spanish Language Course
Academic Tutoring
Liaison with Selected Course of Study

Cultural Program
Barcelona City Tour
FC Barcelona Museum Tour
FC Barcelona Match
Catalan Cultural Events
Professional & Youth Club Visits

TOVO Training Gear
2 Training Shirts
2 Pairs of Training Shorts
2 Pairs of Training Socks
1 Polo Shirt
1 Training Sweatshirt
1 Training Backpack

Room & Board
Villa Accommodations
Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
24-hour Staff Assistance
Airport Transfers (arrival and departure)

Flights are not included.

How to Apply
Applying to TOVO Academy Barcelona is simple

Pay here for Deposit or Program payment:

English Language Requirement
All TOVO on-field and off-field instruction is in English, and you must be able to understand instructions.


If you have questions about the TOVO Residence Program, you can contact us at:


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Mimoun Relocation & Real Estate Services. We are a boutique company that offers tailor-made services in order to deliver a personalised solution to each individual client. Our personal approach and our strive for excellence, make us much more than just a relocation service. We guide and support you all the way.