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Our April webcast attracted over 700 coaches, parents, and players from around the globe - literally from Boston to Bangkok and from Cornwall to Christchurch. We received over 100 questions during the event! We aim to answer them here over the next few weeks. We appreciate everyone’s participation and thoughtful engagement during the event. We hope that you benefit from hearing directly from Todd Beane:

1. how is TOVO training different from traditional training?

- Jose from UT, USA

2. Can you discuss the role of street soccer in creating intelligent players?

- Jeremy from IL, USA

3. How can we change the mentality of the coaches?

- Mauroof from Maattey Football Academy, Maldives

4. How do you approach ball mastery and dribbling with various speeds?

- Kevin from TX, USA

5. Does this concept of "playfulness" and "joy" also apply at later stages - U19, U23, and adults?

- Igor from Delaware Stars FC, PA, USA

6. How do you get players to stop ball watching?

- Rob from Sierra Nevada FC, NV, USA

7. How do you go about teaching individual skills to U9 and u10 teams?

- Alex from Tempo Academy, GA, USA

webcast replay 

From Cruyff to California:

How to Develop Intelligent Footballers

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