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Our April webcast attracted over 700 coaches, parents, and players from around the globe - literally from Boston to Bangkok and from Cornwall to Christchurch. We received over 100 questions during the event! We aim to answer them here over the next few weeks. We appreciate everyone’s participation and thoughtful engagement during the event. We hope that you benefit from hearing directly from Todd Beane:

18. Tips to educate parents who expect younger player to be trained as adults?

- Hector from Murrieta Surf in CA, USA

19. How do you develop coaches to be more game intelligent?

- Emanuel from MA, USA

20. What are the 3 most important elements you feel are needed consistently in a training environment to create more intelligent and smarter players?

- Christopher from Leinster, Ireland

21. Is U9 too young to introduce these principles and can you give some examples?

- Chris from MA, USA

22. Speaking of TOVO, what are the main ingredients that make it a better choice than Traditional Club Soccer?

- Aldo from KidzLoveSoccer CA, USA

23. What advice do you have for a young coach who has stagnated with the coaching pathway?

- Marco from NJ, USA

24. Mi pregunta seria, Hoy en día uno como entrenador cómo mantener a tu futbolista concentrado en la práctica o en la charla cuando estas dando un discurso? siento que mis jugadores no tienen el mismo amor por este deporte como el que yo tengo por el fútbol. no se si sea cuestión de la la cultura porque en los EEUU apenas se está desarrollando el "SOCCER"

- Jorge from WI, USA

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From Cruyff to California:

How to Develop Intelligent Footballers

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