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A message from our founder

Sometimes you need the perfect storm to bring all elements of innovation together. That has been the case with TOVO.  

TOVO is a concept conceived while working 14 years with Johan Cruyff and a calling I could no longer ignore. TOVO Academy is about fulfilling a driving ambition to offer an experience that will transform lives for the better. 

We bring our entire training curriculum to you so that you may share this with your players on the pitch. 

Todd Beane — Founder of TOVO Academy Barcelona




TOVO Training Hub is a digital platform to help coaches and technical directors implement our dynamic and effective training program. Imagine having a full curriculum at your fingertips. Imagine that each coach in your club is implementing a coherent and cohesive program for every player in the club. That is what you have on this platform. 




TOVO Academy Barcelona develops talent. 

Footballers: Developing remarkable players of vision, precision and pace - qualities that every coach seeks in elite players.

Coaches: Inviting you to hone your ability to train effectively and connect with passionate professionals worldwide. 

Clubs: Offering you a core curriculum to guide your training methods and a global alliance to support your players, coaches and staff.



Total Football from the Source

TOVO is based on Total Football, played and taught by Johan Cruyff throughout his brilliant career. A style where eleven players contribute systematically to both offense and defense, players utilizing divergent and convergent thinking to create and execute solutions. This can only take place when the brain recognizes patterns and possibilities at game-pace. TOVO Training methodology promotes a logical progression of exercises that directly construct the conditions under which players will need to perform. This learner-based program uses pattern recognition and geometric forms to simplify the complexity of the game and teach players to play intelligently.

Each exercise within our training portfolio is designed to help players find solutions to the challenges presented by their opponents. Our players love the dynamic, engaging and competitive nature of our training sessions. As coaches, we know that while they are having fun they are unconsciously training their brains and bodies to work in harmony.  




TOVO Training Hub is an education center in which we house every detail required to implement a remarkable program. The Hub is continually updated and compliments customized conversations with our coaches and clubs. 

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Training Sessions
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“Todd is a natural teacher. He has clear ideas and presents them in a way that people enjoy and understand.” - Johan Cruyff (1947-2016)

“The curriculum and methodology were gold. I had high expectations coming in, but must admit the course exceeded my expectations. It's been easy to become jaded in the club culture. Idealism and conviction can give way to pragmatism and compromise. You’ve rekindled the vision and fire in this coach Beane. Thank you.” - Dave Z., USA

"My son has trained with coaches from ODP, USSDA, US Soccer, and an English Premier League academy. He rated the TOVO coaches as head and shoulders above any coaching he has previously received."April, USA

"I had the pleasure of traveling to Spain with my 13 year old son Aidan for TOVO's training program. The program is incredible and like no other. Meeting the TOVO Academy staff and observing a couple trainings was wonderful, they are passionate about teaching and helping young soccer players grow on and off the field. Within days, Todd and his staff understood Aidan not only physically as a soccer player, but emotionally and mentally too. They truly "got him". Aidan summed it up in one word, AMAZING! This experience was profound and will shape him and his soccer for the rest of his life. Thank you TOVO!"Randi, USA

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