Dan Hoskins

TOVO Opens a Private "Masia" for Ambitious Footballers

Dan Hoskins
TOVO Opens a Private "Masia" for Ambitious Footballers

Not many players ever get the chance to train in Spain, but now there is an opportunity to explore a pathway to professional and collegiate soccer. TOVO Academy Barcelona has opened its doors to ambitious and passionate footballers who want to spend 3 months training in Barcelona. 

"I have had the privilege to educate players and coaches at FC Barcelona and Ajax Amsterdam but I wanted to provide pro academy training for players worldwide. TOVO Academy now offers a unique experience for foreign players," comments Todd Beane, Founder of TOVO. 

TOVO's residency program begins in September and already is scheduled to host players from Canada and the United States. Players will train with TOVO professional coaches, be evaluated by club scouts, and train with Catalan clubs. 

"Our relationships with Catalan clubs opens the doors to our players in ways that most aspiring footballers only dream about. We train players who want to turn their dreams into reality," Beane explains. 

For young players who hope to play at the highest levels, this is the first step to a professional pathway in football. To be extraordinary, young players need an extraordinary training program.

Program Features for our 3 Month Program
Professional TOVO Training
Cognitive Development Workshops
"Masia" Style Accommodations
Scouting Evaluations from Top European Scouts
Catalan Club Training
Individual Movement and Physical Training
Spanish Instruction
Supervised Academic Program
Cultural Visits & La Liga Matches
Pro & College Soccer Management

Program Dates
Sept 19th - Dec 15th 2017
Jan 9th - April 6th 2018

If you know of any player eager to play in Spain, please contact us at contact@tovoacademy.com or for more information about the program visit us at http://tovoacademy.com/youth-residence-program/