Dan Hoskins

Journey to Extraordinary Series: Coaches Edition

Dan Hoskins
Journey to Extraordinary Series:         Coaches Edition

Andy Graham

Andy has been to both the T1 and T2 coaching courses, but his journey to extraordinary began a long time ago.

“I first came across Johan Cruyff when I was 9 years of age when I saw him in the 1974 World Cup. My favourite player Pele had retired and I was not happy…. And then I saw the orange of the Netherlands and a team that I started to root for and in particular the no 14, Johan Cruyff. He was different to the other players especially the way he glided majestically over the pitch and although I didn’t realise at the time I was inspired. Two months later I started playing for my local team in Scotland. Then over 40 years later I again was looking for inspiration but this time in my coaching path.” Explains Andy.

“My late Father always said to me that ‘you are never to old to learn!’ so I started looking on the internet to try and find some inspiration. This appeared when I was looking at the Cruyff Institute which led me to the TOVO Academy.” This is what brought Andy to TOVO.

“It is hard to describe to anyone other than the participants of T1 as to the impact the course had, not only in coaching but also as a life experience. From the first meeting in the garden of the villa when all coaches had to introduce themselves, to the barbecue and table tennis competition on the final night, every minute was special. I returned home from T1 in March 2017, fully re-invigorated and ready to start the next chapter in my coaching path. I had just finished the season with my u17s and had the opportunity to start with some U8s and test exactly what the TOVO team had instilled in me in those 5 days.”

“T2 was upon us and my arrival on Monday night at Sitges almost felt like I was returning home. The course was superb, even better than the first as it was more intimate and we could really spend some time breaking down the parts. I managed to spend quality time with Todd and the movement coach Mark and get all the answers. After another superb session from Oscar, suddenly it all fell into place.”

“I returned from Sitges to Mousehole (Cornwall, UK) to find that the Academy Manager had returned to his home town for personal reasons and there was a new man in town. A 31-year-old player/coach who had to retire from the professional game through injury but was hoping to play at our level of football. We spoke briefly on the phone and he asked me to do the next session as he needed to train. ‘Here is my chance’ I thought! Cornwall is a place where new comers appear to have to earn their stripes so it was interesting to watch the team try not to enjoy the sessions! Why are we doing this?”

"The season continued and Mousehole managed to reach 3 semifinals, (losing one to the Premier League Champions from the previous year – we are in Division 1 West), the Senior Cup Final for the first time in the clubs 95-year history and winning the Charity Cup 5v0. From bottom of the league the team finished 4th accumulating 57 points out of 72 since we introduced the TOVO methodology. Including Cup games, they won 29, drew 3 and lost 5! Mousehole are now renowned for their footballing style and the local fans have told me that is the best football they have ever seen at the club!”

“There will always be people who do not believe that it is solely down to TOVO but from my own personal experience I have seen the improvement not only with the kids but more surprisingly with the adults.” Shares Andy.

“Andrew is a man who combines a passion for the game with a sincere interest to do right by his footballers. He literally will cut the grass himself to make community football flourish and I have come to respect him tremendously as a compassionate and committed coach.  He embodies all that is wonderful about our TOVO family,” comments Todd Beane. 


If you want to experience what Andy has, we will be offering our T1 coaching course December  3rd through the 7th in Sitges, Barcelona Spain. For information about the course and how to sign up go to: http://tovoacademy.com/barcelona-courses/