Dan Hoskins

Calm in the Storm´s Andre Oelofse puts TOVO residence players on the front foot

Dan Hoskins
Calm in the Storm´s Andre Oelofse puts TOVO residence players on the front foot


Andre Oelofse from “Calm in the Storm” visited TOVO Academy Barcelona this past week to work with our residence players on the teachings he imparts on people and athletes worldwide. 

“Through the subconscious control of posturally correct movement and deep relaxation, the ‘Calm in the Storm’ training method aims to increase performance, wellbeing and productivity in our society. The value of the ‘Calm in the Storm’ method to relieve stress lies in neutralising rather than fighting stressors. Combining the principles of optimal movement and footwork - developed over thousands of years in the martial arts – with cutting edge scientific research, Calm in the Storm offers a game changing performance toolkit for any individual or team looking to reach their true potential.”

Andre has worked with neurobiologist Dr. Laurie Rauch of the Exercise Science and Sports Medicine department at the University of Cape Town. Dr. Rauch has pioneered the study of how regulating your bodies heart rate, positioning, breathing has a direct correlation to performance . 

“An athlete’s movement on the sports field is largely an automatic process. Coordination of movement best left to subcortical brain structures. Thinking kept to a minimum. The only conscious part of movement should be the goal of the intended movement; while the movement itself is essentially a chain of reflexes. This remarkable ‘automated’ process enables world class athletes to move at speeds that seemingly defy the laws of nature often under extremes of pressure.” (Dr. Laurie Rauch) 

Andre implements this through several teachings consisting of Tai Chi Chuan, Natural movements and boxing. 


“My goal is to teach players how to meet life on the front foot, in life or on the pitch. Cultivating them for life, in a relaxed manner and teaching them to trust their bodies. You have a goal in your mind and regulating your body helps you to achieve this. Meeting obstacles and not shying away from them is the ultimate goal of this teaching. Three principles I went over with the kids were: Good structure, good rhythm through the spine (good posture) and optimal timing.” (Andre Oelofse)

The TOVO Players took to the teaching well seeing the benefits even in a day´s time. Regulating their breathing through good posture, trusting their bodies to do the proper movements and in turn creating/executing more plays on the pitch.

“I have always been interested in Tai Chi, but Andre explains this in such a way that can be applied to sport. The breathing, structure and rhythm of Tai chi in one aspect has nothing to do with football but combined has everything to do with football. I found it very useful for my game, giving me the ability to make my game more rhythmic in body and mind.” (Johnny R. TOVO Residence Player)


TOVO Academy Barcelona founder Todd Beane commented, “We are grateful to Andre for sharing his 'Calm in the Storm" program with our TOVO Academy athletes. His teachings align well with our commitment to holistic development.”


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To learn more about Andre Oelofse´s program and Dr. Laurie Rauch´s research visit Andre´s website: http://www.calminthestormsa.com