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Sitges, Barcelona
Come experience TOVO Training in Spain. If you want to experience deep learning then this program will inspire you and your players.

TOVO Training  

to be smarter, train smarter

You will train like you have never trained before. Your players development is our focus and will benefit from individualized instruction within a team environment:

On-Field Training
Talent Development Workshops
Position Play Diagnostics
European Coaching Staff


Smarter, Stronger, Faster

Intelligent players are selected first

Your players will understand the “why” behind their actions on the pitch. In short, they will become more intelligent footballers.


European Coaches

Our staff trains professional academy players

Our experts serve as guides on the remarkable journey. TOVO Academy coaches are highly qualified specialists with vast experience working with players and coaches from top clubs and federations worldwide:

FC Barcelona
Ado Den Haag
Mamelodi Sundowns
Austrian Football Federation
KNVB Dutch Federation
Ajax Amsterdam
Chivas Guadalajara
Los Angeles FC
US Soccer Federation
Cruyff Institute

Read about our leadership and staff on our about page.


TOVO WorkshopS

Learning on and Off the Field

Our workshop details our approach to talent activation. We will explain our training sessions and the rationale behind this innovative methodology. 


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