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In an effort to offer more players the opportunity to experience TOVO Training, we offer on site clinics worldwide.


Train the TOVO Way  

be smarter, train smarter

You will train like you have never trained before with European coaches. You development is our focus and you will benefit from individualized instruction within a team environment:

On-Field Training
Talent Development Workshops
Personal Diagnostics
Skills Screen
European Coaching Staff
Official TOVO Program Certificate


Train Intelligently 

Intelligent players are selected first

You will become a better player. Our TOVO Training methodology guides all instruction, and you will see both the short and long term benefits of this innovative approach to talent development. You will become more intelligent and understand clearly the “why” behind your actions on the pitch. In short, you will become a more intelligent footballer.


Professional Coaches

Our ACADEMY staff

Our experts serve as guides on this remarkable journey. TOVO Academy coaches are highly qualified specialists with vast experience working for professional academies in Spain, Holland and worldwide. We understand that to teach the game we must begin with the baseline capacity of each player and build upon that talent to progress. Our staff has vast experience working with players and coaches from top clubs and federations worldwide:

FC Barcelona
Ado Den Haag
Mamelodi Sundowns
Austrial Football Federation
KNVB Dutch Federation

Ajax Amsterdam
Chivas Guadalajara
Los Angeles FC
US Soccer Federation
Cruyff Institute

Read about our leadership and staff on our about page.


Ambitious Players

love football, feel inspired

To play the game intelligently and creatively, players need to maximize their cognitive skills. TOVO Footballers dominate the ball. They are explosive. They know where to be and when. They behave. They prepare. They are ambitious and resilient. In the end, the club maximizes the talent of each and every player.

Footballer Preparation
You will be expected to be in training shape from the first day. Coming fit and prepared will make your experience that much more rewarding.

Mindset & Behavior
As an athlete you know good behavior is expected on and off the field. Our programs place high expectations on your behavior. We expect you to be helpful and supportive of your fellow athletes and your coaches. Arriving with a positive and ambitious mindset will improve your performance


TOVO Training Gear

bring your passion and your boots

We will provide you with the gear you need to train and outfit you in quality training kits:

1 Training Jersey
1 Pair of Training Shorts
1 Pairs of Training Socks 


Parent Workshop

We look forward to communicating with parents

We will host a parent workshop to detail how we can maximize the potential of each young athlete. This workshop serves to explain our training sessions and the rationale behind this innovative methodology. All parents are welcome to attend. 


Get Started


If you have questions you would like answered before applying, please feel free to contact us and we will contact you directly to learn more about how we can help you.   

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Our student-athletes are focused on becoming better players and better people. It's that simple. They take pride in training hard and competing with integrity. They intentionally choose to embrace the world beyond their current horizons. They make no apologies for wanting to be excellent footballers. They have tasted success in sport and want more of it. And they are not willing to let opportunity pass them by. 

We welcome the following applicants:

  • Players for competitive soccer clubs, academies or schools.
  • Students in good standing with their local schools.
  • Boys (see specific camp for age details)
  • Girls (see specific camp for age details)

We will also be having a 1-Day coaching course during this player clinic. If you are a coach, head to our global courses section for details.


Dates & Participants
July 9th to 13th 2018
Boys, ages 12 – 16
Girls, ages 12 – 16

Program Location
Nathan Hale High School
1075 30th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98125
United States

Program Fee

Program Schedule
Monday – Thursday
1:30 – 4:00 On-field sessions
4:00 – 5:00 Player workshop
9:30 – 11:30 On-field session

We make applying to our Seattle Clinic as simple as possible. 

Step One
Fill in the application form. 

Step Two
Pay for the clinic online.

Step Three
We will send additional information regarding your preparation for your TOVO Training Clinic.

If you have questions about our Seattle Clinic, contact us at: