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TOVO is dedicated to changing the way we develop footballers. To that end, we continue to work with dedicated and innovative coaches eager to rethink the way we train youth footballers. Our coaching courses are designed for passionate soccer coaches willing to invest in their own professional development. 


Practical COURSES

Put theory into action

Our coaching courses will address specific components of our TOVO Training Methodology. Coaches will engage in classroom and on field sessions as active participants. We pride ourselves on offering dynamic and practical programs.


TOVO Training 

develop intelligent footballers

TOVO is based on Total Football, played and taught by Johan Cruyff throughout his brilliant career. A style where eleven players contribute systematically to both offense and defense, players utilizing divergent and convergent thinking to create and execute solutions. This can only take place when the brain recognizes patterns and possibilities at game-pace. TOVO Training methodology promotes a logical progression of exercises that directly construct the conditions under which you will need to perform. This learner-based program uses pattern recognition and geometric forms to simplify the complexity of the game and teach players the secrets to greater vision, precision and pace.

Each exercise within our training portfolio is designed to help players find solutions to the challenges presented by opponents.  


Our Learning Model


Our courses are dynamic, innovative and practical programs. Every aspect of the program is designed to promote the participant as the protagonist of the learning journey.

Balancing theory and practice, we engage coaches in programs that will challenge assumptions and inspire innovation. We use an action-learning model to ensure that each coach is proactively able to deliver an effective and purposeful program to his or her own players. We consider all coaches as capable colleagues who contribute to a positive and productive conversation about youth development.



Rethink & Redesign Talent Development

Football is a game of complexity in motion. If we are to nurture our player’s capacity to play this game well we should design our trainings to develop cognition, competence and character. This 2-day course will examine the limitations of traditional training and introduce a new paradigm for talent development.

The TOVO Training method looks at football through the lens of learning. It provides a framework for achievement. When implemented it appears simple and logical compared to the chaos and clutter of traditional training methodologies. TOVO Training offers a research-based formula for developing intelligent footballers.

We engage coaches in interactive workshops to detail the fundamental concepts of dynamic training. In these workshops we will determine the unique characteristics of competitive athletes and map out an effective strategy to develop total footballers. 

Total Footballer Model: Defining the Modern Player                                  

Cognitive Development: A Constructive Paradigm

Field Training
Instruction on the field focuses upon implementing a coherent and engaging training session. We will demonstrate specifically how the TOVO Training architecture more effectively develops players of vision, precision, and pace. 

TOVO vs. Traditional Training

The Architecture of Intelligent Training



Rethink & Redesign Talent Development

Within football and beyond we value intelligence. But how do we train intelligence? This 1-day course will promote an effective way to train a player’s capacity to understand simple principles and apply them to increasingly complex challenges. With proper training a youth player can dramatically improve his or her capacity to play intelligently. 

The TOVO Training method looks at football through the lens of learning. It provides a framework for achievement. When implemented it appears simple and logical compared to the chaos and clutter of traditional training methodologies. TOVO Training offers a research-based formula for developing intelligent footballers.

An interactive in class session will detail the concept of training intelligence. 

Action Learning & Skill Acquisition: Patterns & Prototypes                              

Field Training
We will demonstrate the power of action learning through pattern recognition. 

Scaffolding: The Power of Progressions


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Upcoming Courses:

2-Day University of California Berkeley Coaching Course: Rethink & Redesign Talent Development

Dates & Participants
June 2nd & 3rd 2018
For Coaches and Directors of Coaching

Program Location
Classroom: Cronk Room in the Simpson High Performance Athletic Center
2227 Piedmont Ave
Berkeley, CA 94720
United States

Field: Golden Bear Soccer Field
25 Sports Lane
Berkeley, CA 94720
United States

Program Fee

Program Schedule
9:30 – 12:30 Class Workshop
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 – 16:00 Field session

9:30 – 11:30 Field session
11:30 – 13:00 Lunch Break
13:00 – 16:00 Class Workshop

Coaches who successfully complete the Coaching Course will be awarded an official TOVO Academy Digital Certificate. This certificate also serves as a qualification for participants who wish to continue on working within the TOVO Academy global network or to host our TOVO Club Alliance Program at their home club and is certified by the Catalan Futbol Federation. 

Our programs are designed for coaches and technical directors. Participants will expect to have a reasonable understanding of the English language (unless program indicates otherwise). Most importantly all applicants must have a passion for educating young people and the best interest of their players at heart. Skills and knowledge can be acquired but an open growth mindset must accompany each applicant.

This program compliments your regional or national licensing
This program serves as a compliment to other coaching courses you have attended or other licenses acquired. We will explore our innovative training methodology and share our unique vision of talent development. 


Apply via the buttons below the event you are interested in attending. An invoice (via PayPal) for $395 will be sent to you once the application is filled out.

English Language Requirement
All on-field and off-field instruction is in English, and you must be able to understand instructions.

If you have questions about the TOVO Coaching Course, you can contact us at: