Todd Beane

Justin Bieber, Bono and Football Development

Todd Beane
Justin Bieber, Bono and Football Development

“Dad, you have that old rock music and we have Justin Bieber. That’s just the way it is,” remarked my seven-year-old son on the road to football training.

We passed the church and whizzed through the roundabout. Yes, we have lots of roundabouts in Spain. And on that journey, Justin was blaring on the radio. Technically this is the song “Cold Water” by Major Lazer featuring Justin Bieber if my YouTube source is correct. 

We all get lost sometimes you know; it’s how we learn and how we grow.
— Justin Bieber

Well said, Justin. I have read several books, scoured research articles, and attended education workshops to learn this very lesson. 

Football is a game of mistakes.
— Johan Cruyff

Thankfully in our sport we have the perfect recipe for growth. We have a game that is full of mistakes which means it is ripe with opportunities to learn and grow. 

However, the fruitful transition from error to mastery requires something that some us need a bit more of, especially those of us on the sidelines - patience.

Although time may take us into different places, I will still be patient with you.
— Justin Bieber

And perhaps one final ingredient required in this recipe for success would be a dash of persistence. 

And I hope you know, I won’t let go.
— Justin Bieber

And while I may not see Bieber quoted in any soccer-coaching journal, I am fully convinced that patience and persistence should govern our actions when working with our youngest souls.

On the way home from training, I managed to switch the dial from modern pop to rock. Much to the dismay of my son, I let the “oldies” rip. To my delight, Bono and U2 were cranking it up through the roundabout home. 

It’s a beautiful day, don’t let it get away...Teach me, I know I’m not a hopeless case.
— U2

Indeed any day that I can drive my boys to play a game we love by the sea in Spain is indeed a beautiful day. And every day that we allow our young athletes to make mistakes and apply the patience and persistence required to overcome them is a day beyond beauty – it is a day of wonder and awe.

After his bedtime story, I told my son that his music seemed all right to me and reminded him that even Dad’s music can be pretty cool sometimes. I am pretty sure he humored me with a conciliatory nod, but nonetheless, I whispered one last U2 line before turning out the light. 

Won’t you tell me something true - I believe in you.
— Bono